It’s that wonderful time of the year again — we’re making plenty of headway into the year, releases are pouring in at an unbelievable rate and it’s getting harder and harder to find the time to listen to everything. However, some times you just need to step away from it all and go back to those albums that never let you down (this won’t morph into a RickRoll, I promise).


And as it is National Slayer Day, what better place to start than Reign In Blood? An absolute thrash classic, that broke boundaries and faces some 26 years ago and still sounds just as vicious today. Sure, their entire catalogue is pure gold, but they never quite reached the same level of visceral carnage they did here in both the 2 minute bursts, that make up the main body of the album, or the more well known tracks that book end the album. You can check out the official Slayer Day page for advice and suggestions for how to spend your time wisely today, but more importantly, you should definitely listen to Seasons In The Abyss if you haven’t already, that album gets ignored way too much!


– DL


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