You may have heard of Primate by now, most likely because of the presence of members of Mastodon, Brutal Truth and Javelina, but with the metal so overcrowded as it is, a supergroup means nothing unless the music is great. Needless to say, the hardcore and grind infused stylings of the band perfectly fit their moniker.Though, this isn’t anywhere near the epic and sprawling pieces of Mastodon, nor is it as loose and mental as Brutal Truth, but it shares one thing in common with both those projects; sometimes all it takes it a few big dumb riffs and an even bigger chorus and you’ve got yourself a timeless classic. ‘Pride‘ is pretty much that and nothing more; this is rough around the edges and pissed off hardcore that doesn’t worry about subtleties or any other mod-cons and when it’s done this well, there’s nothing else you could ask for, really.

Primate’s Draw Back A Stump will see release July 3rd on Relapse Records.

– DL



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