Maybe it’s because I like to search and hunt, or maybe it’s because I have absolutely no life at all, but every month or so, I like to go on these “Bandcamp Hunts”.  It’s where I check Bandcamp and go through the first few pages of the metal section and download everything that is both free and appealing to my interest.  During this month’s hunt, I discovered French hardcore band Stillborn Messengers, and their EP Sightless, which was released on May 1st.

Their official Facebook page says they are influenced by bands like Periphery, After the Burial, and Misery Signals, and while I do hear a bit of that, I also hear more influence of bands such as Of Legends and Veil of Maya [I’d contend that this band brings to mind early Dillinger Escape Plan at times! – JR] This band does have a great mesh of djent, hardcore, and metalcore, however, with frantic drums, memorable guitar riffs, and intense vocals. Their self-released EP is an all-0ut assault on the eardrums, and it’s completely free of charge. You can download their EP at Bandcamp and listen to the player below, and the band has released this EP for however much you wish to pay for it. So be sure to give them a little money if you can, as I would love to see these guys be successful.

– GR

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