Howdy folks, it’s been a while since I last posted on Heavy Blog. Life has been quite the roller coaster ride as of lately, between buying a house, getting married and becoming unemployed, I haven’t had much time or the heart to write — but now that the wedding has passed, and things have slowed down a bit, I wanted to get back in the groove of writing again.

Enough blabbering about my life though, lets get to the matter at hand. Recently I was lucky enough to attend a show that featured a few bands that not only encompass my love of music, but are also the foundation for the guy I am today. This past Saturday, May 26th, I headed off to Manhattan to a venue called Le Poisson Rouge, where I was about to treat my ears to some Grade-A hardcore.

Limited print of the shows flyer!

As I began my trek towards Manhattan, where I found myself traveling solo (which is fine, as I have a sort of lone wolf personality, and don’t mind being alone), I still relied on my trusty traveling companion to accompany me though… good ‘ol Mr.Coffee. So, with coffee in hand I made my way down I-495 towards the city, and after taking one wrong exit that set me back a bit, and killing time looking for a spot near the venue, I finally found a choice spot and was ready to rock, and perhaps roll if the situation called for it. To make up for lost time (already having missed Xaddax and Indecision), I was quick to dash to the venue in hopes of not missing out on the one band that always puts a smile on my face and a ringing in my ears; Converge!

I made my way into the venue, ran downstairs right past the merch stand (no time to look as I heard the chords of familiar tune beckoning me), and through the doors to catch the out of control, yet in complete control, Converge, tearing up the stage with the fast paced and frenzied ‘Dark Horse’. Now for all those unfamiliar with this song, it’s a complete rager, and one hell of a fun song to hear in a live setting.

The band, always on top of their game and full of energy, enticed the crowd with a few other tunes off their latest album Axe To Fall, such as ‘Worms Will Feed / Rats Will Feast’, ‘Axe To Fall’, and ‘Cutter’, while also playing a host of other songs from their respective catalogue, which included; ‘The Broken Vow’, ‘Eagles Become Vultures’, and the newest song making the rounds, ‘Empty on the Inside’. Their set ended with ‘First Light/Last Light’ from their fifth full-length album You Fail Me, and from the video I shot below, it has become one of their best closers. The ending always leaves me wanting more! To see the amount of emotion/energy from both the band and the fans as they begin to pile on the stage and scream their hearts out, it becomes clear to me, as it always does when I see Converge live… this is what music is all about!


Heavy Blog Exclusive: Speaking of new material, Converge frontman Jacob Bannon announced during the set that the official release date for the new album, the tentatively titled, All We Love We Leave Behind will be on September 11, 2012. So while this news confirms the album is still a few months away, it’s nice to finally find out the exact date. Just another reason to look forward to Fall!

Next up was New Jersey-based hardcore punk band Rorschach, and I was chomping at the bit to finally see this band live! These dudes have been around since 1989, and are one of the legendary bands in hardcore.

As I stood around and waited while the band was setting up, I noticed a few people walking around with what appeared to be a poster of sorts, which quickly reminded me that I’ve yet check out the merch stand. So, to kill some time until Rorschach finished setting up, I headed over to the merch area and glanced around. Plenty to look at, between shirts, vinyls, and cds, but what really caught my eye was the poster print of the shows flyer (posted above). I immediately asked the dude how much, and realized I didn’t have enough, so I was off on the hunt for an ATM. Shortly after a successful hunt, I had the cash and made my purchase, and just in time too, as Rorschach was about to begin.

After a minute or so of feedback and guitar chords being rung out, they exploded right into their set without any hesitation or introduction. With a band as historical as they are, there is no need for an introduction. Blasting through song after song, they practically played a slew of material from their entire discography (check out Autopsy and you’ll get an idea of how many songs they played). Even more amazing is that this was only one of three shows for that day, as singer Charles Maggio stated, “That’ll be our third show today.” The average age of this band is over 40, and they played for about an hour without many breaks in between, only to pack up and head over to the Acheron in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to perform another set. Kudos gentlemen! One of the highlights of their set had to be hearing Maggio say, “This next song is an old one.”, to which the crowd laughed and prepared themselves for the next round of chaos! All and all, it was great to finally see this band live, and the long wait was completely worth it!


Taking the trip out to the city to witness the greatness that is Rorschach and Converge turned out to be a great night. The icing on the cake however, was when I was making my way out of the venue. I saw Jacob Bannon hanging out in the lobby area near the merch stand. I noticed he was talking with other fans and possibly friends who came out to see the show, so I took the opportunity to introduce myself. We had a brief chat, shook hands, and he was gracious enough to take a picture with me. I thanked him and his band for all they do, and expressed my excitement for their upcoming album. He’s a super nice dude and a class act. I’m glad I took the chance to introduce myself, he’s one of my main influences in music and art, and who knows if I will ever get that chance again. Suffice to say, it was a hell of a night and one I wont soon forget! Rage!

Aside from the stupid face I’m making, it was an honor to meet him. Beyond stoked!

– DA


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