The ever prolific Melvins have done it again — only a few months after their free EP release in conjunction with Scion, the band are set to release Freak Puke with a brand new lineup, now including Trevor Dunn on bass. You can listen to the album in full over at AOL, of all places, ahead of it’s June 5th release date and hear highlights including the southern fried big riffs of ‘Let Me Roll It‘, the intentionally abrasive ‘Inner Ear Rupture‘ and the future classic ‘Leon Vs. The Revolution‘. It’s distinctly a Melvins release, but the effect that Dunn has had on the band is definitely noticeable with his upright bass switching between delicate background plodding and full-frontal brazen activity. So if you haven’t already got your daily dose of ‘strange’, Melvins have got you covered.

– DL

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