This news is a bit old, but I was away at a thing, so it’s time to play catch-up. As always, Devin Townsend‘s #1 update spot has been Twitter. You would know that if you had a Twitter account and followed him. I keep telling you man; it’s worth it! Here are the highlights from last week:

In the tail end of a challenging record. My brain hurts. Epicloud: Initially an ‘in between’ idea to bridge the 4 last albums and Z2…a way to satisfy my recent craving for melodic hard rock. It became an epic experiment. Way more intense and demanding than I expected. Experiments in all ways of making records. Democracy, mix… It’s beautiful, [melancholic], loud, and ‘detached’ in an experimental way… wanted to make something ‘larger than life.’ Any way you slice it, it’s beautiful… and even as an ‘interim’ idea, it stands unique among things I’ve done, and as something very special. Oh, and…it’s freaking Epic!! I’d say mixture of melodic parts of Ocean Machine, Rocking bits like Addicted, simplicity in parts like Accelerated, but more dynamic…and I tried to mix it so you could crank it up.

My Dev’s own account, the record should be fantastic. Needless to say, we can’t wait. Shouldn’t be too long of a wait though, as he gave us this update at the beginning of the week:

Last round with Epicloud before leaving on tour. It’s beat my ass, but I have every intention of showing it the door today. Delivery weds!

So by now, the fully mixed record should be in the hands of the label. We should get some more updates once the release publicity cycle kicks in over the next month or so. Get excited! Devin estimates that the record will be out this September on InsideOut/Hevy Devy Records.

– JR

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