Up-and-coming progcore group The Contortionist made a smash with their 2010 debut album Exoplanet, and now they’re about to hit again with their new record Intrinsic! Vocalist and keyboardist Jon Carpenter says about the album:

“On ‘Intrinsic’, we’ve found ourselves focusing on the songwriting as well as the new textures and melody we’re striving for. Each song has its own identity and flow, but the album is fun to listen through in order [because] of the conceptual ties”

Along with the title, the group has also announced the tracklist:

01. Holomovement
02. Feedback Loop
03. Causality
04. Sequential Vision
05. Geocentric Confusion
06. Dreaming Schematics
07. Anatomy Anomalies
08. Cortical
09. Solipsis
10. Parallel Trance

Intrinsic is due out July 17th on eOne/Good Fight Music. Pre-orders are available at this location. Expect some new music in the coming weeks!

– JR

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