When I first heard Periphery’s debut album, I thought it was the most outstanding debut record I’ve heard in some time. Two years later and this is still the case for me; the album hasn’t quite lost its spark yet, which has been good for tying over the wait for their much anticipated sophomore album. Last night, the band gave us a wave of goodies and information surrounding what is likely to be one of 2012’s biggest releases.

Misha wasn’t shitting us when he said the new record was going to be titled Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal.  The new teaser (above) details the album’s artwork — which is basically a red and black version of Periphery — and gives us a sample of a brand new song. It’s not much to really go on, but the new song sample is a bit of a departure for the band and is enough to get really excited over. I mean, it sounds like Periphery for sure, but they’ve certainly had a bit of an expansion in their sound over the last two years since their debut if this is any indication. That guitar lead is phenomenal as well. Simple, yet emotive.

Here’s what guitarist Misha Mansoor has to say in the press release:

We are very happy to announce the full track listing (see below) and show you guys the artwork for our sophomore release. We put so much hard work and time into this album and we thank all of you for your continued support and patience. The album clocks in at sixty-nine minutes exactly and has tons of brand new material, so I assure you it is well worth the wait. Make sure to keep on the lookout for the first track which we will be releasing in the coming weeks.

Here’s the tracklist:

1) Muramasa
2) Have a Blast (feat. Guthrie Govan)
3) Facepalm Mute
4) Ji
5) Scarlet
6) Luck as a Constant
7) Ragnarok
8) The Gods Must Be Crazy!
10) Erised (feat. John Petrucci)
11) Epoch
12) Froggin’ Bullfish
13) Mile Zero (feat. Wes Hauch)
14) Masamune

Pre-orders for the record come in CD/shirt bundles at Merch Connection and vinyl at Soundcheck Hollywood. Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal is due out July 3rd on Sumerian Records!

– JR

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