As excited as everyone seems to be regarding the massive Death To All reunion tour, the Atlanta and Dallas shows are on the chopping block due to low ticket sales. Via Death (Official) on Facebook:

TO SAVE THE ‘DEATH TO ALL’ ATLANTA & DALLAS SHOWS: there is only one way that these two shows can be saved over this Memorial Day long weekend – a mass amount of tix need to be sold. Right away. Before Tuesday. If not, I am told the shows are history. I am very sorry it all depends upon ‘in advance’ sales, but this isn’t my choice or decision. Guys, I am sorry for this – but it depends on logistics. Tix must be sold in order to justify the trips by so many musicians & crew. Spread the word to fans who don’t follow this fb page. ERIC

If you were hoping to get to the Atlanta or Dallas shows of this tour, get them today if at all possible. Borrow money, put it on credit, whatever it takes. Get your tickets here.

– JR


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