Mastodon are one of those strange bands that I never really ‘got’, sure I enjoyed Leviathan and Blood Mountain as much as the next self-respecting metalhead but I never saw why, out of the huge multitude of talented metal acts, they rose to the top so quickly. That was, until I saw them live. It’s well established that their live shows can be a little hit and miss but for some reason, on that tour and on that night, the entire band killed it – they were just astonishing. You couldn’t help but be drawn by the surprising amount of energy and charisma that seeped out of four guys who seemed to spend the majority of the night stock still.

This video, filmed on that tour, of ‘All The Heavy Lifting‘ encapsulates that feeling entirely. Compared to the intense clusterfuck of The Dillinger Escape Plan, who preceded them, there’s not much movement, but there’s just something about those off-kilter rhythms and that killer chorus that works so well. So check it out above and if you can, ignore the critics, go and seem them live.

– DL

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