France seems to really have their act together as far as metal goes. Giving us bands like Gorod, Gojira, and Betraying The Martyrs, France are definitely bringing about some of the best music there is. Now I’d like to attract your attention to an up-and-coming band called Magoa, a five piece metal outfit that hail from Paris, these dudes sure know how to create some seriously good stuff. Their first album, entitled Swallow The Earth, was released March 15th of 2011, and I really liked it (though I just discovered it a few weeks ago). They currently have a new EP in the works slated for a release date sometime in September, but decided they couldn’t hold anything back much longer, and released ‘Animal’, a five-minute juggernaut of prog-metal/djenty goodness.

This song is very catchy. Ever since it was released I cannot stop listening to it. The intro riff is very groovy, very reminiscent of something Pantera would conjure up if they tuned their guitars this low. Every player is on point, including the vocalist, which has some very good harsh vocals throughout the song, ranging from low growls to higher-pitched screaming, while still remaining listenable (unlike Suicide Silence or Chelsea Grin). Even the parts during the chorus where he is singing is awesome.

The clean break in the middle and the synths at the tail end of the song are also highlights of mine, showcasing the different elements this band can tackle successfully. Honestly, I like this Magoa better. It’s heavier, angrier, and has more balls to it. Be sure to pick up their EP when it is released, and we will keep you updated!



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