Thieves are scum. When I first heard the news this weekend, I was furious. Bands get robbed all the time, and the epidemic seems to only get worse, but for some reason the fact that it happened to obscure New Zealand death metal rising stars Ulcerate on their VERY FIRST US tour just makes me even angrier than normal, as if the thieves should have at least had the decency to wait and strike the band when they were more established as an international touring act. I know that’s a stupid line of reasoning, but it’s much harder for a band to recover from such a blow when it’s their first time touring in a foreign country, if you see where I’m getting at.

Anyway, this is why we can’t have nice things:

We had our van broken into in New York last night at our accom. We’ve lost all our guitar gear (preamps, effects units), some drum equipment, stage banner and all of Svart Crown‘s merch was also ripped off. We’re going to keep going but this is a fucking terrible start. We had phenomenal shows in Philadelphia and NYC last night so this is an absolute kick in the fucking teeth.

After fans began to reach out offering support in the way of donations, their tour manager responded:

The guys are not that comfortable with taking money, but if you want to help – ulcerate[at]gmail[dot]com store pay pal. THANK YOU.

So the band are reluctantly taking donations. If you have the heart and the spare cash, send a few bucks their way. I’ll end up buying some merch from them at MDF on Sunday when they roll through, and if they have a tip jar, I’ll throw some more money at them.

– JR


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