It’s not often that metal in it’s various forms is ever appreciated by the people distributing money into the arts, but that’s exactly what happened with Australian tech-death outfit Ouroborus, whose 2011 release Glorification Of A Myth missed out marginally on being one of my favourite releases of the year. The Australian Council of Arts saw the talent within the band, stating:

They have a degree of technical virtuosity and musicianship. No matter what kind of music you are involved in, that comes through.’

And as such, the council has given them twenty thousand Australian dollars with which to help record their new album, which is now set to include a full orchestra. Naturally, someone had to bring up the archaic ‘that’s not music’ argument and the prize goes to Neil Mitchell of 3AW whose eloquent and measured reasoning made me question the reason I ever started listening to this infernal devil’s music.

Not really. He just compared it to the Cookie Monster. So a huge congratulations to Ouroborus, I look forward to hearing the fruits of this labour. And a slow clap for Neil Mitchell because he really, really tried to be witty and funny, he really did – but it all falls short when you’re just repeating the same boring references over and over again. Maybe stick to politics next time, I hear intolerance goes down well with those guys.

– DL


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