Stop The Chaos


01. E Conspectu
02. The Law
03. Stop The Chaos
04. Find The Function
05. Intricate Trap
06. The End


2011 was a huge year for grindcore, it seemed like every band worth their salt was desperate to prove themselves as true leaders of the pack — with releases from both newcomers and veterans pushing the limits of tempo, technicality and even sheer intensity. So whilst we were spoilt rotten with the riches, it was only a matter of time before the pace began to slow down again and 2012 became somewhat of a quiet point from the genre. Thankfully, after only a short lull of activity, Antigama have sped confidently through the rubble and destruction left behind from yesteryear with a new EP release and arrogantly proclaimed themselves heirs to the throne.

Stop The Chaos is everything you could possibly want from a stop gap EP; there’s just enough material here to keep your full attention throughout the entirety but not so little that you’re left feeling it was over before you could really sink your teeth into it. The band’s version of slightly spazzy, slightly tech-y grind calls up comparisons to alumni such as Maruta, Brutal Truth and even the more loose cannon moments of Crowpath; it’s a volatile mix, but the pay off is huge. From the moment ‘E Conspectu‘ lurches forth you’re being assaulted by laser-precise guitar work that seems constantly on the verge of falling apart and even the title track, that toys with sections that don’t quite race along at light speed, feels dangerous and unhinged.

In fact, if the mindless fervor is true and this year really does mark the end of days, then Stop The Chaos is the perfect soundtrack. It always feels like the band is on the cusp of just degenerating into meaningless blastbeats and noise before suddenly veering directly into the realm of measured and nuanced songwriting, the aptly named ‘Intricate Trap‘ for instance swings wildly from robotic rhythmic bursts to pure madness in a matter of seconds. With this, Antigama have created one of those beautiful moments where the album title describes the atmosphere of the entire record so perfectly; this is refined, adrenaline fueled chaos. Let us hope it never stops.


Antigama’s Stop The Chaos gets…


– DL


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