This week, The Human Abstract have been teasing new shows this summer. It seems like a news piece we would have been all about, considering how we loved the shit out of Digital Veil last year, but it’s hard to follow what’s going on with these bands and their perceived shaky grounds. Both Oceano and The Human Abstract have been many different shades of active and inactive in the past year so I just stopped trying to follow this mess until something definite happened.

Well, that happened.

The Human Abstract have been booking shows, at least in Europe. So far, they’ve been booked to play Brutal Assault in Czech Republic. On top of that, there’s buzzing that Digital Veil vocalist Travis Richter will be reuniting with the band. Well that’d just be swell. Hopefully it all works out and we start to see some more shows pop up not only in Europe, but in North America as well.

[Via Metalsucks]

– JR

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