I’ve noticed a bit of hype buzzing around newcomers Art By Numbers, but I’ve been too busy lately to bother. Now that school’s out for summer and they’re in the news again for their new music video ‘The Man In The Box’ (above), I finally decided to give them my proper attention, and shame on me for putting them off! The group fits along nicely alongside groups like Protest the Hero and The Human Abstract, and it also helps that The Human Abstract’s guitarist AJ Minette gave them guitar lessons (it shows!) and the godfather of modern prog Jamie King (BTBAM, Last Chance To Reason, White Arms of Athena, etc) produced their upcoming record Reticence: The Musical. They’re now firmly on my anticipated releases list.

Be on the look out for Reticence: The Musical when it drops May 29th. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR

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