Parkway Drive are one of my favorite metalcore acts. Regardless of what people say, they seem to make all the right moves that keep songs fresh and always filled with new energy. They also have a nice melodic side, such as the harmonies in the and solos in the song ‘Pressures‘ that’s reminiscent of melodic death metal. A lot of people give me flak about them being metalcore, but I find something special about them that attracts me. Naturally, I loved their last effort Deep Blue and am anxiously awaiting their fourth studio album that they will record later this year.

A week ago they released details about an upcoming live DVD / Documentary called Home Is For The Heartless, 75-minutes of interviews intermingled with live performances from around the globe. I’m extremely excited, mostly because I’ve had the opportunity to meet the guys, and they are all very down to Earth and friendly, and love to have a good sense of humor. They also are very serious when it comes to their music, and it shows on each of their releases, which get progressively better.

They are currently finishing up the writing for their fourth studio album, set to be released late 2012. In the meantime, here is a taste of what is to come from the fourth record.


You can preorder the DVD at this location. Home Is For The Heartless will be available July 6th via Epitaph Records.

– SS

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