Salt Lake City-based sludgemathgrindwhatevercore band GAZA are nuts. Their new record No Absolutes In Human Suffering is on the horizon, and the first taste of the new record is available at Brooklyn Vegan, who is streaming the new track ‘Mostly Hair and Bones Now.‘ The song’s pretty intense, perhaps like a tar-soaked version of Converge or Botch. The lyrics sell the insanity as well:

I pulled a dead horse out from under a tarp in my back yard piece by piece.
Once proud, once full of strength… She was gold.
Mostly hair and bones now.
I dragged a leg around the yard for hours wearing a path.
I left it there in the sun, abandoned like a child’s bicycle at the call of a mother.
Mostly hair and bones now.

So yeah, you’re dealing with some apocalyptic stuff. Mosey over to Brooklyn Vegan and give it a spin. No Absolutes In Human Suffering is due out July 31st on Black Market Activities.

– JR

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