I was pretty intrigued when I saw the above trailer for Asking Alexandria‘s short film ‘Through Sin and Self-Destruction’. The concept of a band starring in a short film produced by the label isn’t a common occurrence in the scene and I was curious to see if I would love or hate it. The film-buff in me was very excited at first, because despite our opinions on their music, I really wanted to see where they would take the narrative.

The press release boasts that nothing of this sort has been done since the legendary Guns N’ Roses trilogy, referring to three music videos they released that had vague plot similarities. For Ash, being the huge Guns N’ Roses fan he is, this whole thing makes sense. The bummer is that it’s not a short film at all. It’s three music videos compiled into a large, glorified drug montage set to AA’s music. There is hardly any dialogue with the brief exception of Danny’s overdose scene.

Whoops. Just spoiled 80% of the story.

The “guest stars” they tagged in the press release are two porn stars I’ve never even heard of and brief appearances of faces from Franki Palmeri, Johnny Plague and Sebastian Bach. All of which have no dialogue or any real relevance in the “plot.”

The synopsis claims this as a “controversial, uncensored look into the real lives of a new era of rockstars.”

Well, first off it’s not that controversial. And it’s not real. I must say, for porn stars, they were pretty stingy with the skin. The goal here was to market the band as, well.. reckless and relentless. The Motley Crue of our generation. Maybe it’s based on real happenings, but I probably would have had more believable enjoyment watching a true documentary from a crew that just followed them on tour.

That being said, the cinematography was surprisingly good. The editing was well paced with tasteful effects. It somehow kept my attention despite the fact you’re just watching them drink and party for 15 minutes with a few breaks in between chugs to watch them fight or fuck something… sometimes both at once.

Check out the short film exclusively on iTunes or if you would rather just watch them suffer for real at the hands of a basic workout, there’s always this:


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