The Chariot have always been well received with their signature riff injected and feedback laden brand of metalcore as well as their over the top high-octane live shows. Typically, their albums are met with ravishing reviews and we have come to expect nothing but excellence from the quintet. So it is no surprise that we are a little more than excited when Josh Scogin spoke to about their fifth full length effort One Wing.

In the interview he talks about the band “getting weird” and we can only speculate what he means by this. If we though Dan Smith’s guest appearance on “David De La Hoz” was weird, then what is weird to them?

“It’s kind of funny, this one’s probably the weirdest record we’ve ever done. We’re always writing, but when we officially started writing for this record, we started it off with the idea of, “Let’s get weird.” We tried not to have any rules, tried not to have any borders or boundaries but even the little ones we did have, we threw them out the window. Then when we came into the studio, the first thing we told Matt was, “Let’s get weird with it.” [Laughs.] We just want it to be interesting for us—not that our other records aren’t—but it’s very eclectic and a very different record for us. The energy and high pace is still there but it’s always a building process.

With Long Live, we were very impulsive. We’d come in with a finished song, but if we felt like something could be better, we’d change it and never look back. With this one we took that to the next level—we came in almost knowing that these songs were going to get more different, and as we played them and practiced them for weeks beforehand, over and over, even though no one else had heard them, we started to get bored and tired of certain parts. So when we got into the studio, it’s only natural to start feeling bored toward a part or being open to changing things, so that’s where it opens the door to get weird with it and bring something interesting to it that brings our attention back to it.

We always kind of joke that we’re all A D D, especially in this generation, and I feel like we’re the same as everyone else. The more we play it—we’ve now heard these songs thousands of times–we start to go down these paths where we don’t know where it’s going to go and we don’t know if it’s going to sound good, but at the end of the day, at least we went down that path to see what happens. Being impulsive like that has always been a strong suit of ours and something we enjoy doing, because when you hear a final product—especially doing it song-by-song—it keeps it fresh for us, and when we’re about go to that tour where we’re going to be playing new songs, it’s still as brand new as it can be.”

Needless to say, our eyes and ears will be on the look out for The Chariot’s “weirder” fifth album One Wing, due out later this year on Good Fight Music.

[Via: The PRP]



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