Woods of Ypres

Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light

01. Lightning & Snow
02. Death Is Not An Exit
03. Keeper Of The Ledger
04. Traveling Alone
05. Adora Vivos
06. Silver
07. Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)
08. Modern Life Architecture
09. Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)
10. Finality
11. Alternate Ending

[Earache Records]

Back in February I reviewed the latest and probably final record from Canadian doom band, Woods of Ypres. It was both a review and a final piece of mourning for the passing of founding member David Gold, who died in a car accident late last year. I discussed the various merits of the album, and in the end claimed it was the band’s strongest effort, and easily deserving a five out of five on the site.

I still stand by that review and everything I said therein, as well as the final score, but recently it came to light that I did not actually review Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light as I had previously believed to have done so, but rather I reviewed an unfinished promotional copy of the album. Normally promo copies of albums are pretty identical to the final copy, and in fact this was the first instance where I had experienced a promo copy being different to the final piece of music.

I discovered this not more than a few weeks ago when I received my purchase of Woods 5 in the mail. I gave it the once over and I realized the track-listing was quite different from the track-listing that I have had since I received the promo. All of the songs on the promo were included on the final CD, but in addition to them being re-arranged there was a brand new track right in the thick of everything. I was more intrigued by this than bothered, and I was curious to see how the album sounded in comparison to what I had been listening to for months; I wanted to see if the overall feeling of the album was different. Luckily for me, that was not the case. Everything I said in my review of the album remained the same, and the overall message and tone of the album was intact.

However, the dynamics of this album’s listening experience had changed quite dramatically for me. When soaking in the final format for Woods 5 I realized that what I had been listening to before was akin to just listening to the real album on shuffle. It was like finding out that you’ve been watching one of your favorite movies backwards for all these years; and when you finally get to see it in the right context you find out it is even better than you had originally thought.

Even though I loved the version of Woods 5 that I initially listened to, I must say that the final format is a much better listening experience, and when you compare the two you can just how silly the placement of the tracks were on the promotional format. I don’t always buy the albums we receive as promo, especially if they’re not all that good, but I felt compelled to own a physical copy of this album, and I’m so very happy that I bought it. I would have never experienced the true effect of this album if I hadn’t. Hell, I wouldn’t have even know that I was listening to the wrong album.

Woods of Ypres – Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electric Light STILL gets…

– EC

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