I don’t always partake in black metal, but when I do, I listen to something progressive like Enslaved, who have incorporated more experimental and melodic aspects to their sound with every passing record. That wasn’t really a Dos Equis parody; I’m not nearly interesting enough. At any rate, these legends have been hard at work on their new record this year, recently wrapping up the recording process. Norway’s NRK caught up with the prog metal vikings and got some details on the new Enslaved record, including a 66-second sample of new music!

Here’s how the record is expected to sound:

We’ve given more space to it all this time around. More space to the melodic stuff, more space to the prog flavor and ’70s-inspiration, there are glimpses of some doom, some good Voivod-style thrash, some cool guitar solos. All the little things that we like we have provided even more room for.  It’s the “more is more”-philosophy. We’ve given up on the structural stuff once and for all. It’s not for us. So there’s not much verse-chorus-verse on the new record. We have tried a few places, but no one even hears that it is an attempt at a chorus.

So a logical progression from their previous record Axioma Ethica Odini and their two recent EPs into more proggy territory. Not shocking, but totally excellent news. Read up on the new album’s creation over at NRK (and hear some new music!) and get excited for their new album, due out later this year on Nuclear Blast.

[via No Clean Singing]

– JR


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