The California based deathcore group Bermuda were supposed to release their debut album The Wandering this week, May 8th, on Mediaskare Records. As a few of you out there have noted, that never happened. In fact, there wasn’t really an official announcement that it was pushed back until the day it was actually supposed to be released. Via Facebook:

Alright guys, first off we want to apologize so much for the albums delay. But that being said, no more delays, the album WILL be out July 17. Again, we really are sorry. We wanted the album out today as bad as you guys.
Seems odd that it was pushed back, but it’s also actually pretty shocking it hasn’t leaked yet despite going out for reviews back in late March. Resident contributor Anthony DiGiacomo gave it his thumbs up last month, likening their chaotic grooves to Ion Dissonance, whose vocalist Kevin McCaughey actually makes a guest spot on ‘In Trenches,’ which can be heard below.

So yes, Mediaskare pushed back the album release. No word is available as to why, but if you were looking forward to The Wandering, you’re gonna have to wait til July 17th.
– JR

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