Last week we directed your attention to a pretty nifty sampler from Candlelight Records which featured the world premier of the track “The Paranoid” from Ihsahn‘s upcoming solo release, Eremita. Now it seems other labels are ponying up and offering their own samplers, one of which is my favorite label, InsideOut Music. This short sampler features eight tracks from a wide selection of bands, but the overall emphasis of this download is progressive metal. There is a lot of really great bands on this, several of which have received tons of praise from us here at HBIH — Arjen Lucassen, The Safety Fire, Leprous — but there’s also some lesser known bands that you may not be all that familiar with, and their tracks are pretty great too!

To top this thing off the final track is a live rendition of the song “Addicted”, taken from Devin Townsend‘s upcoming live boxset release, By A Thread. Without giving too much away, or saying anything all too surprising, the song is amazing. Addicted is one of the best releases from Townsend, and it’s an album that really transitions well into the live format.

You can download the sampler here. You just have to give your email address and click a link to verify that you’re not a part of the Borg collective, but other than that the download process is much more fluid than that of Candlelight’s. Props to InsideOut and their great lineup.

– EC


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