So Chelsea Grin, complete with ex-Born of Osiris guitarist Jason Richardson, are releasing their new Evolve EP soon, which contains some re-recorded tracks of theirs and a new track called ‘Lilith,’ which you can hear above. Either I am gaining a tolerance for/becoming desensitized to exhausting generic deathcore staples, but this new track seems like it could mark an upswing in the band’s otherwise abysmal discography.

Lilith‘ sees the band picking up some symphonic influences, Jason Richardson’s added guitar flair, and apparently clean singing. While I love me some vocal melodies, the chorus on ‘Lilith‘ is just not good, and that’s not to mention those whiney cleans earlier in the song. While the band are arguably musically better, the vocals and lyrics are the weakest part. If I had a dollar for every tough guy deathcore kid who used the lyrics ‘fuck this world’…

What do you folks think of the new track? Let us know! Evolve is due out June 19th on Artery Records.


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