My inner thirteen year old is stoked. Korn were my bridge into heavier styles of music thanks to their wide appeal, so when guitarist Brian “Head” Welch left the band in 2005 to overcome his addiction and become a devout Christian, I was a bit heartbroken. Korn have since fallen from their heights as my favorite band, but my appreciation for them never completely disappeared. In fact, I actually liked their recent electronic-themed record, The Path of Totality. Even still, there’s no denying the huge change the band underwent after Head left, that’s for sure.

So seven years later, the two parties finally decided to put aside their differences and get together for a performance of their breakout hit ‘Blind.’ I know many of you don’t give a shit, but for me it shows a hope that maybe some day, Korn will be able to actually write at least one more record with Head co-handling guitar duties. That day will (hopefully) be glorious. You can watch the video of the event above.

– JR

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