UPDATE: Opeth’s facebook page gave the following update, telling what actually happened. As it turns out, the story that broke online last night was false:

Many have already learned that yesterday’s performances at The Myth In St Paul had to be cancelled due to Mikael having an accident.

Right before stage time Mike bumped his head on the tour bus which resulted in a pretty deep cut that required urgent medical attention. Mike was taken to hospital which he left a little later with eight stitches and a nasty headache. He’s doing OK now and we expect him to be up and running (though slightly slower) again for tomorrow’s show and onwards.

Mike & the band were very disappointed not being able to play yesterday but thank everyone for their understanding and for the tons of get-well-wishes Mike has received since.

The band also thanks their friends in Mastodon for playing an extended set that hopefully kept all who attended happy.

Close call for Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt this week. According to The Gauntlet, Mikael was involved in an automobile accident and broke his arm. He was hospitalized and last night’s set in Minnesota (and presumably for the next few days or so) was cancelled.

As huge a bummer and as scary as this is, it is said that Mikael is recovering just fine and his injuries are not life threatening at all. Even still, our hearts go out to Mikael and we hope he has a speedy recovery!

– JR

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