01. Hurt
02. Timid
03. Most//Few
04. Hunger Pains
05. Virgin
07. Homesick
08. The Blood//The Smell
09. Waste

[No Idea Records]

DNF, formerly known as Duke Nukem Forever, were a typical hardcore outfit with powerviolence tendencies jutting out here and there. For those not in the know, powerviolence is a subgenre of hardcore that is a bit faster, but also a lot slower. Bands like Black Flag were a major influence as they switched from early hardcore to more sludgy tunes. Bands like Infest, Spazz, and Charles Bronson started popping up around the country that went from straight up hardcore to straight up sludge.

DNF’s first ever release on vinyl, Hurt, took the powerviolence to a whole new level. There is much influence from the old school powerviolence acts of yonder audible here with much more and better defined sludge/feedback sections and a new flavor for the staple fast sections which is mostly brought on by the much clearer production from their previous demos and splits. The production on the album is great. The guitar tones are killer and work well with the changing styles. The vocal production is such a massive improvement that it brings out a lot more of the dynamics.

The physical packaging for the 7″ is really nice for a band this underground. The vinyl was actually pressed in a nice looking pink tie-dye with a metallic silver label on both sides with scrawled black text. The sleeve is just a folded piece of paper that it sits in instead of an actual sleeve, so keeping the protective plastic sleeve it comes in is probably a must to not have it fall out regularly.

There isn’t a lot to say about a 12 minute powerviolence EP when it’s this solid, though Hurt doesn’t really stand out as well as they should for a band featuring members of Trash Talk and Touché Amoré. This release is too solid for it’s own good, but I do still like it quite a lot.


DNF – Hurt gets…



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