Axe Wound are the latest ‘supergroup’ to come out of the woodwork, comprising of members of Cancer Bats, Bullet For My Valentine, Pitchshifter, Rise To Remain and Glamour Of The Kill which will either fill you with complete dread or cautious optimism depending on your musical tastes (honestly, I had no idea who those last two bands were). However, the band have released a track by the name of ‘Post Apocalyptic Party‘, which you can download from their tumblr in return for your e-mail, and it’s surprisingly enjoyable — Jason Bowld’s drumming is as pummeling as ever, Matt Tuck of BMFV throws in some riffs that would be scared to see the light of day in his more well known project and Cormier’s vocals sound exactly as powerful as they do in Cancer Bats. There’s nothing particularly offensive or bad considering that backgrounds of some of the members, but the fact that they felt the need to tag a breakdown on to the end was a little odd — regardless, it will be interesting to watch this project play out as they are set to play a handful of dates around Europe including sets at Download Festival and Graspop. Also, I’m hoping the name isn’t lost on you all, it’s not just British slang right?


– DL

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