Around these parts we’re pretty big fans of the Ihsahn and we’ve all been waiting patiently to hear some new music from his forthcoming album, Eremita. Luckily for us — and of course all of you — today that option has been bestowed down by the good people at Candlelight Records by way of a free sampler available at The free download is simply called Candlelight Sampler and features an assortment of new music from various bands on the Candelight lineup. I’m not too familiar with most of these bands, but it would appear that the only song that’s truly new is Ihsahn’s track — titled ‘The Paranoid’ — as the album cover list it as a world premier.

I haven’t had time to listen any thing other than the Ihsahn track, mostly because I’m a terrible person, but what I have heard (the Ihsahn track) is phenomenal. It’s pretty clear from this song that the old Norwegian has decided to move further in the realm of prog and continues to eschew his black metal roots for some pretty exciting and divisive sounds. Honestly, I think this is one of the most solid and well written songs in Ihsahn’s entire library of work. It has certainly gotten me even more pumped up for Eremita.

You can download the sampler here, but beware, Amazon makes you jump through a lot of stupid hoops to actually get the song onto your computer. Be sure to give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below. Ihsahn’s fourth solo album, Eremita, comes out June 19th on Candlelight Records.

– EC


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