Cryptopsy‘s relationship with their fans and the general metal populace has been shaky lately, to say the least. A lot of fans saw their 2008 outing The Unspoken King as the ultimate betrayal as the band dived head first into keyboards, clean singing and even breakdowns — amongst all the commotion, I never actually bothered to check it out but snippets came up every now and then and ‘disappointing’ was the word that sprung to mind. Then the band went on to stoop to the level of your average death metal elitist by insulting the fans and the entire debacle went from ‘major shitstorm’ to ‘full retard’. And you never want to go ‘full retard’.

Nevertheless, Cryptopsy are back and have returned with original guitarist Jon Levassuer being welcomed back into the fold. The new track ‘Amputated Enigma‘ was debuted at a gig in Ontario and finds the band harkening back to their more well received material and seems entirely devoid of a lot of the features of that made The Unspoken King so deplorable in nature. So this may be a step back in the right direction for the band, but I’m sure some people will talk about how they’ve ‘come crawling back after their failed experiment’. I’ll try and reserve judgement until the new self titled album arrives.

– DL

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