Earache records has long been a bastion of extreme underground music and is partly responsible for making bands like Anal Cunt, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Napalm Death, and Wormrot nearly household names. Times have changed, and while extreme music is more accessible, it isn’t necessarily selling all that well. Given this, Earache have pulled a Victory (or a Sumerian?) and signed Eskimo Callboy, that band who wrote that song about the now-defunct porn site Is Anyone Up. Yeah, that one.


Earache founder and president Digby Pearson recently tweeted, “Eskimo Callboy coming on Earache 25th June. Fucks given=none.” While this could just be a clever troll, it’s unlikely; the metalsphere became aware of Eskimo Callboy too long ago for the joke to be relevant. I doubt the staff at Earache (and Digby himself) seriously enjoy Eskimo Callboy’s partying electronic-friendly post-hardcore style, so this is obviously a grab at money, which can’t really be faulted too much. I mean, a metal label is a business that needs money to operate. Just like Sumerian signing bands like Asking Alexandria and Make Me Famous so they can keep promoting progressive artists like The Faceless, that’s likely the case here. Sure, Eskimo Callboy is pretty much the worst thing ever, but hopefully they sell a ton of copies so Earache can afford to maintain business as usual.

So yeah, despite how unusual and bizarre this is, I ain’t even mad. If this isn’t a joke, Eskimo Callboy’s Bury Me In Vegas will see a release on Earache Records June 25th.

– JR

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