While I haven’t had the good fortune to witness a live performance from Ghost, by all accounts it’s a pretty unique and interesting experience. Their ‘black mass’ setting  So hopefully, they’ll come around some time, but in the meantime, I’ll make do with Youtube footage and this surprising interview with an unknown member of the band.

Now black metal, in basically all of it’s forms, isn’t exactly known for it’s sense of humour — but Ghost’s particular brand of Scooby Doom (yes, we’re really calling it that now) straddles the line so closely between po-faced seriousness and campy, kitschy b-movie horror that it’d be a shame if they had all the personality of, say, Gaahl. So while their love of The Doors and The Beach Boys is probably no surprise, what’s interesting is how the entire thing plays out like your standard goofy metal interview, it just so happens that the interviewee is fully obscured in a black robe and has a pitch shifted voice. Not sure what I was expecting really, the cynic in me must have just assumed with their in depth show and set up that they were going to fall foul of, what I call, Liturgy syndrome.

– DL


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