Skip to 4:30 for ‘Take My Bones Away’

It would seem that everything is starting to fall into place in anticipation for the recently announced Yellow & Green double album. So whilst this video was recorded last August (!?), this live performance of ‘Take My Bones Away’ couldn’t have surfaced at a better time – anticipation for this record is huge as far as I can tell and Baroness seem to be getting exponentially bigger ever since they were picked up by Q Prime management, a company more used to dealing with the likes of Metallica and The Mars Volta.

Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to have affected the music too much. ‘Take My Bones Away‘ sounds like it could’ve easily slipped into the ranks of The Blue Record  and it only leads to believe that maybe Yellow & Green will be a logical progression on from what we’ve seen so far, rather than the enigmatic ‘pseudo-metal’ record it’s been described as so far. Only time will tell, but you can bet that I’m excited about this one.


[Thanks to Axl and MS reader Kit Hart!]

– DL


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