The Acacia Strain are one of those bands that I’ve always been tangentially aware of, but never bothered to check out. Mostly because whenever they’re mentioned, conversation degenerates so quickly into a butthurt back and forth of ‘they’re deathcore!’ and ‘NO FAGGOT, NO. IT’S HARDCORE’, rather than whether they’re actually any good. Also, now they’ve signed to Rise Records and swim in their pools made of ambrosia and solid gold, there’s absolutely no chance of hearing about them without someone calling them out for being on the same label as Of Mice & Men and Dance Gavin Dance.

However, let’s give it a try! ‘Servant In The Place Of Truth‘ is pretty unoffensive garb for anyone who’s already a fan of deathcore, there’s plenty of rhythmic and jagged riffs, alongside the genre staple of incessant breakdowns. It’s not breaking any boundaries, but you’d be hard pushed to deny that the intro section wouldn’t break a few faces. So whilst it’s not confirmed that this track will end up on their new album or is simply a leftover recording from their previous effort Wormwood, the band is said to be working on a new album ready for release in October. Colour me intrigued.

– DL


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