Everyone seems all hot and bothered over Storm Corrosion, and for good reason. The project is a supergroup of sorts, with Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth and Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree collaborating in what many would call a prog nerd’s wet dream. The first taste of new music from the duo is finally here with their new video ‘Drag Ropes.‘ The video was wonderfully done, and certainly quite unique. There’s no performance footage and it’s all done with these cut out puppet figures, telling a pretty deep story. It’s very refreshing. The song itself though left me a little underwhelmed; had it not been for the video I might not have gotten the song at all. Oh well!

Maybe time will tell if I like the album yet or not. Storm Corrosion’s self titled album is due out May 8th on Roadrunner Records.

– JR


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