Swedish band Vildhjarta have parted ways with founding member, guitarist Jimmie Åkerström. Via his Facebook page:

Will forever remember those years and all the fantastic people i’ve met on the road but life goes on. Thanks to everyone that have supported me through the years, much love ♥

Meanwhile, Vildhjarta confirmed the news on their official Facebook page:


# 1 We have parted ways with our beloved Jimmie Åkerström, unfortunately we had to ask him to leave.
Theres no bad blood what so ever, we’re still very close friends.
This does not affect writing or touring.

# 2 We have decided to terminate our agreement with invictus guitars and send back the guitars we’ve received from them as they couldnt meet our requirements.

Back on stocking up on ibby xl’s! ^^


It is not known why Jimmie was asked to leave the band, but with the increasing pressure to tour worldwide and having seven dudes in your lineup, having one less mouth to feed does make fiscal sense. As far as I know, Jimmie mostly played the atmospheric and clean stuff live, something touring bands have relied on live samples for recently. As much as a bummer this is, I can imagine why they felt the need to make this tough decision.

Vildhjarta’s debut album Måsstaden blew us away last year. It brought the balls that a lot of djent was starting to lack, and it was absurdly heavy for the genre. Hopefully this loss of a founding guitarist doesn’t shift their sound too much, but from what I can understand, those mind-fucking riffs were largely due in part by other founding guitarist Daniel Bergström, so at least that aspect remains intact.

Fans of Jimmie can keep up with his musical endeavors with Suspended Animation, which promises to have an album out this year.

– JR


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