Cattle Decapitation Reveals 9-Minute Epic Video Via Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting has been the go-to place for metal video premieres. I mean, it’s not like metal bands these days have to worry about getting their videos on television anymore or anything like that, so they can go all out with gore and nudity if they wanted to. Cattle Decapitated decided to go that route and have their unsettling new video for both ‘The Monolith’ and ‘Kingdom of Tyrants‘ exclusively premiere over at Bloody Disgusting. This 9-minute video doesn’t get too far out there in terms of stuff that is actually, you know, bloody and disgusting (maybe I’m growing desensitized?), but it certainly is eerily disturbing. Go give it a watch, but I’d bet on it not being safe for work.

These two tracks come from Cattle Decapitated’s upcoming album Monolith of Inhumanity, due out May 8th on Metal Blade Records. It’s a stellar album, and you can read our review of it later today!

– JR


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