After what has been an amazing year so far, you’d be hard pushed to drag up some news that could get me any more excited than I already am. Yeah sure, maybe ‘Strapping Young Lad return with brand new double album’ or ‘Zombie Dimebag plays ‘Cowboys From Hell‘ to packed cemetery’ would do the trick, but let’s be realistic here. Well, at least, I thought I should. Seeing the reformation of the monolithic UK post-metal titans Bossk was clearly marked in the section of pipe dreams last time I checked, but they’re back and here to show the metal world how to really define the word ‘epic’. I got in contact with bassist Tom Begley to get a few details on their come-back and upcoming plans:

After such a sudden break up, what prompted the reformation of Bossk?

It was something that we had been discussing on and off for a while, and having the opportunity to go and do a Maida Vale session was too much of a good thing to turn down. Everything kinda felt like it was the right time for us all to start doing it again.

I noticed on your initial mission statement that you said after the planned shows, you weren’t sure of what was going to happen. So is it fair to call this a fully fledged revival of Bossk or simply testing the waters and seeing how it goes?

Right now the plan is to write a full length album, we have plans to do two support shows and two headline shows before the end of the year. We will see how far the rest of 2012 takes us!

The first return gig is with the legendary Unsane in London this June; a daunting prospect for some but Bossk built a reputation for their intense live shows over the years. How’s the preparation going? 

It’s such a good show for us to have as our first show back. To have the opportunity to play with such legendary bands is great for us, and we are looking forward to playing at the Underworld again. One of our favourite places to play in the world.

You mentioned a new track that you’ll be recording in a Maida Vale session, how was the transition back into writing new material? Is it similar to the work on .1 and .2 or something a little different?

It was great actually, Rob and Alex had tons of ideas for the new song and it came out really good. It is slightly different to anything we have done before, it’s a little faster, really heavy sections. You will have to wait and see!

Finally, anything else you’d like to add?

It’s great to be back, the feedback we have had from fans has been great so far, thank you to everyone for their continued support!


So there you go – sounds like a busy year and the sheer prospect of a new album is definitely has me intrigued. You can catch Bossk in the UK supporting Unsane and Big Business this June at The Underworld in London, or keep an eye out for the rest of their yet-to-be-announced shows. Either way, if you’re looking for listening material, I would highly recommend picking the up the Trilogy collection which binds together both the .1 and .2 EP’s and a live DVD including footage of a performance at, of all places, The Underworld. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping you updated.


– DL


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