I fucking love Rwake, and so should you. Call it sludge/post-metal/whatever, but this severely pissed off take on the genre landed on my best-of 2011 list in the form of their latest album Rest. Their upcoming appearance at Maryland Deathfest is one of the reasons I decided that I’d be making the trip out this year. Luckily for me, I’ll be able to purchase the just announced limited 7″ EP Forge, which contains two live tracks from around the time If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die was released back in 2004.

Here’s the kicker; the EP will only be available at MDF, with no digital release. That’s it. Bummer for the Rwake fans that can’t make it out, but luckily, Decibel is streaming the EP, so if you really want to have this on your iTunes, you’re gonna have to figure something out. Go give it a spin at least!

[via Metalsucks]

– JR


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