It’s hard to pigeonhole Cameron Argon. He’s not only a respected electronic artist, but he’s also the mastermind of brutal death metal project Disfiguring the Goddess. It seems pretty disparate on the surface, but the man manages to balance the two and allows them to bleed into each other, as evidenced by the many synth leads and electronic aspects to the upcoming Disfiguring the Goddess album, Sleeper, due out April 24th. To talk about his new album and other aspects of his life and music career, we traded emails with Cameron for the interview below.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us on short notice! For those who are not familiar with you or your work, who are you and what do you do?!

I’m Cameron Argon. I’m 21. I have a goofy nick name of BIG CHOCOLATE and I make music and a video everyday.

So, let’s cut to the reason you’re here: Sleeper is your latest release under Disfiguring the Goddess. How do you personally feel about it and how it holds up compared to Circle of Nine?

YES. I personally feel like it blows CoN out of the water. On all aspects. Maturity, structuring, production, presentation, vocals, everything. CoN never really sat well with me, but I decided to release just because it was 10 songs I had sitting on my computer. Sleeper is actually something I’ve been eager to release and get out there.

What gear did you use to record Sleeper?

I use a line 6 pod x3 pro for guitar. Toontrack’s Superior Drummer for drums. I recorded it all w/ the apogee one which is like the world’s smallest simplest interface. I used a sm7b mic for vocals but did not use a preamp (should have used a preamp LOL). Recorded all in Logic Pro 9

Is there a theme or a concept to Sleeper? The track titles make it seem that way.

Not really, Didn’t really plan an album concept from the start. Wrote all the lyrics in like one day so that might have something to do with it. When writing DM lyrics, I pretty much just think of a cool topic and then just go off on it in an abstract way. The ocean, especially the deep interest me. I usually try and use my imagination and talk about made up ancient cites/gods underwater doing cool stuff. So I guess that’s sort of the concept!


You’re no stranger to touring, and I’m sure you answer this question often (so sorry in advance), but is there any chance of turning Disfiguring the Goddess into a live act or a full band?

Yes recently I have been the master of airplane touring w/ all the Big Chocolate stuff. Good frequently asked question. I tried out touring / doing the real band stuff for a short time while I was a step in member in Burning The Masses. Did a tour and whatnot and I just decided that doing a live metal act isn’t something I’m interested in pursuing. So I would say there is a 99.9% chance that DTG will never do a live show.

What compelled you to do both an electronic project and a slam project, two very disparate genres? Furthermore, why has your Big Chocolate project taken more precedence over DTG?

I’ve always made all types of music. Just never really took any of it serious until recently. I love making both metal and electronic music. Big Chocolate stuff has had a bigger impact and has hit a larger amount of people than the metal stuff did. BC has a wider pull and absolutely no limits. I’m able to make whatever type of music I want and stick BC on it and that’s acceptable. Both projects influence each other though. The new DTG album is very much influenced by what I’ve learned doing BC and then the next BC release will be heavily influenced by my mind set w/ DTG. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get to hear the next BC release. To answer the question though, I enjoy BC more and I’ve had more success w/ BC.

I find that your work in Disfiguring the Goddess is a great entry point into BDM and slam. What else would you recommend in the genre?

I agree. A lot of BDM has a pretty big shell of turn offs for people who don’t have an ear for it. I feel like DTG has a a few elements that make more likable than some of the other BDM out there. As far as people who want to get more into BDM, you have to start with the basics. Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, and Hate Eternal. To me those are like the standards for the genre. After you have to get into Devourment and Vomit the Soul sort of stuff. Japanese slam has always had a swewt part in my heart. Glossectomy and Disconformity are must haves in you slam playlists.

What about electronic music? From a metal fan’s perspective, where are some good places to start?


Spor – Kingdom

Ford – Magnum

Noisia – Deception

Noisia – Stigma.

Drum and bass can be really really heavy and super aggressive. Can also be very chill and relaxing… depending on the sub genre.

This may seem like a troll question, but we’re genuinely curious; what do you think of the new Korn record?

I feel like it was awesome as far as pushing the idea of the two mixing. I don’t really feel like it was a TRUE hybrid though. Instead of Korn FEATURING those producers, it sounded like those producers made a song featuring Jonathan singing and playing guitar. But that’s just me. When I heard Korn was doing that I was super stoked because it was a little bit of what I was doing with Commissioner in 2010 with Mitch from Suicide Silence. Korn has definitely been on the forefront of pushing/trying out new ideas. Mad props for Jonathan being a visionary and artist and making it work in his own way.


I haven’t been keeping up with your vlogs like I used to, so take some time to sell us on your YouTube channel CamEveryDay. What can we expect to see on your channel?

Basically cameveryday is my daily video blog channel were I have a video documenting every day of my life. So whatever I’m doing ATM I film and put it in a video on this channel. If you have any interest on my studio mindsets and touring life be sure to check it out. Gets a little shaky sometimes when I try to balance everything out, so bear with me if I can’t upload the videos day of or day after. Haha!

You’re a pretty big Minecraft player, with your own server and everything. With that in mind, let me pitch an idea to you; the next DTG album as a Minecraft concept record, with lyrics about the first night, mining for minerals, and confronting beasts like Creepers and Endermen. Thoughts?!

Hahaha! Yes. I have my own server called LOCCVILLE. It’s whitelisted so you’ll have to get my attention and get me to add your user name to the list. For this record we have an ‘I’m a real Creeper’ shirt where it’s like a fucked up creeper on the shirt. haha! I’ll do a folk/metal song about my epic first night in mine craft were I punched tree trunks until they fell into perfect square like pieces.

You seem like a ridiculously busy guy, with so many music projects, remixes, traveling, your daily vlog, and more. How do you balance all of these aspects of your life, and does it ever overwhelm you?

I just literally make it everything I do. Lately I’ve been overwhelmed in the sense of keeping everything on track. While this DTG album is coming out i’m mixing down the next BC album. I tour weekends w/ BC and manage to film/edit videos everyday. I don’t even know how I do it sometimes. Downsides is that I don’t really have the most active social life and all I do is work towards whatever is next. but hey, do what you love; love what you do.

Bandhappy seems to be taking off as a means for musicians to teach their craft to others. You do a lot of explanations of your production work on your vlog anyway, so have you considered giving lessons for production or vocals?

With the explanations of production on the blogs, I try and influence mind sets vs how much to pitch down an oscillator precisely. I try and explain how my brain works to come up with new ways to process bass or to structure a song in an out of the box way. With vocals?… never. Doing vocals is just sort of a figuring out how to manipulate you’re lungs, throat, and mouth. It’s more of a ‘just do it’ thing rather than something someone can teach you.

Your parents make appearances in your vlogs from time to time. We’re the same age, so I’m curious; how do they feel about your career choice and lifestyle as a touring musician?

They back me 100%. I’ve had many many heart to heart talks with my dad about doing music full time. They know I’m focused and I have a positive agenda.

If you weren’t doing music for a living, what WOULD you be doing?

Before music took over, I was going to school with the goal of being a cop. haha!

Aside from the new DTG release, what else can we expect from you on the horizon?

New BC release in the next 2 months-ISH. I’m bringing Commissioner back for a follow up release as well.

That’s all we have for you! Thanks again!


On top of the interview, Cam’s been generous enough to hook us up with a Sleeper Collector’s Bundle to give away, which features a limited edition physical copy of Sleeper, three shirts, and a hoodie. That’s $70 worth of merch! That’s nuts! One lucky fan chosen at random will be getting the prize pack. To enter, send an email with the subject “Disfiguring the Goddess” along with your name and address to mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com! We’ll select the winner next week, April 26th. Good luck!

UPDATE: The winner has been contacted by email. Thanks to all those who entered!

Be sure to keep up with Disfiguring the Goddess on Facebook for up to date information. Be on the look out for Sleeper, due out April 24th. It’s a fantastic record! Check out our review of it here. Pre-orders for merch/physical copies are available at this location.

– JR


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