The Wandering

01. Intuitions
02. Process of Drowning
03. Invictus, Unconquered
04. In Trenches
05. Lost at Sea
06. Sachael
07. Gamorrah Reborn
08. Lagrange Pointe
09. The Wandering
10. Polaris Breach
11. Obstruction

[Mediaskare Records]

To put it simply: Oxnard, California’s Bermuda are one of the heaviest bands you will hear this year. Their debut album, The Wandering, is the sonic equivalent of a war, like bombs going off in your ears. The songs resonate with a level of controlled chaos that will have you wanting to fight anyone in the vicinity. Vocalist Corey Bennett belts out every song with such intensity that you can almost feel the anger that the lyrics of songs such as ‘In Trenches’ and ‘Polaris Breach’ hope to convey. Corey’s delivery itself is something to mention, easily setting himself apart from other vocalists in the hardcore/deathcore scene.

Guitarists Tyler Lozano and Michael Fabiano pump out powerful riffs and chugs like no other throughout the album. Second track in, ‘Process of Drowning’, features a bit of a different sound to the rest of the album, with a sound very similar to Ion Dissonance on their album Minus the Herd. Chad Kapper of A Dark Orbit and When Knives Go Skyward makes a guest appearance on the song as well. Chad is the only guy I know who can scream over a clean guitar section and make it sound right. Kevin McCaughey of Ion Dissonance fame also makes a guest appearance on ‘In Trenches‘, which may be one of the heaviest songs I’ve heard in years.  As much as I don’t want to draw more comparisons to other bands, I have to say that Bermuda is like a more chaotic answer to Volumes. They even have their own ‘Edge of the Earth‘ on The Wandering in form of the song ‘Sacheal’.

On the topic of Volumes, Daniel Braunstein of Volumes took the engineering helm on The Wandering, and he did an absolutely stellar job. Never have I heard 8 string guitars sound so defined and powerful instead of feeling loose and muddy. The low end on this album is something to gawk at. Production nerds the world over will be wishing they could make their 8 strings sound THIS tight. If I could rate this album on the production quality alone, I’d give it a 5/5. Every note can be heard, every chord as full as you could hope them to be. The drums cut through, and the bass fills in the incredible low end so well it’s scary.

The Wandering is a bit of an earful on first listen. The relentless onslaught of 8 string riffs can be a bit overwhelming, and chugaphobes may want to steer clear of this album, unless they’d prefer to keep their ears open for a change. There is no shortage of chugging riffs on The Wandering, but they’re done in such an intense way that you can’t not enjoy it. Instrumental track ‘Lagrange Pointe’ serves to show just how diverse Bermuda can be, and is hopefully a sign that they will continue in the direction of keeping variety on later releases. One of the bigger downsides to the album is that there aren’t more of these kind of tracks, but here’s to hoping! The final three tracks of the album hit with such power that you can only feel that the rest of the album was a build up to this climax. Closing song, ‘Obstruction’, offers a nice little twist that most internet guitar nerds will be gushing over. I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, this album is a stand out for me so far this year. I’m a sucker for well produced, well written albums. Bermuda seem to have picked up where Ion Dissonance left off after Minus The Herd, and they’re carrying that torch with pride. Do not miss this album when it drops!


Bermuda – The Wandering gets..


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