Behold… The Arctopus Debut New Track

Behold… The Arctopus gets a ton of flak for being terrible, which I think is a bit of a travesty. To me, their music is a showcase of abstract art that really pushes boundaries of how technical and “out there” music can be. A lot of people either don’t get it or don’t like it, and that’s quite understandable, but to say they are talentless and worthless is just asinine. It isn’t just a mess of noise and random guitar and bass noodling without structure; the band can recreate the parts perfectly in sync, which isn’t something easily done on something that’s randomly played without careful consideration.

Rant over. There’s a new Behold… The Arctopus song available for streaming! It certainly sounds like BTA in that it’s quite a challenging and extremely technical song, but it might be one of their best songs yet. You can stream ‘Disintegore‘ below.

This is set to appear on their first new release in five years, Horrorscension, which is due out sometime this year.

– JR


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