If you followed us back in 2010, you’ve probably heard of Soul Cycle. It featured two friends of the site Mark Hawkins and Chris Catharsis sharing guitar duties to create some of the cooler instrumental metal out there. Nearly two years later, they’re poised to release their second album, Soul Cycle II next week. Grab a sneak peak below with samples from the whole album.

So clearly, these dudes stepped it up in a big way this time around, with a huge array of guests. Check out the track list:

1) Instar / Soul: Reborn (feat. David Maxim Micic and Sacha Laskow)
2) Against the Iron (feat. George Richman and Roma Ivakov)
3) Reject Humanity (feat. Kevin Suter and Paul Wardingham)
4) Ethereal (feat. Alan Nagelberg and Mr. Fastfinger)
5) Transcendence (feat. Vishal J. Singh and Keshav Dhar)
6) Unphased (feat. JT Bruce and Martin Buus)
7) Cast Down (feat. Adam Nolly Getgood and Ben Robson)
8) One Fleeting Moment (feat. Breeze and Bryant Crawford)
9) Distant Skies (feat. Jordan Miles and Reece Fullwood)
10) Evolutia (feat. Jake Linder, Francesco Filigoi and Jakub Zytecki)
11) Break the Cycle (feat. Nate Vennarucci, Keith Merrow and Mathieu Marcotte)

Your modern hip-hop album doesn’t have that many featured guests! It should be a killer record, for sure. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to the first Soul Cycle record over at Bandcamp and keep up with them on Facebook.

– JR

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