Of all the places in all the internet to debut a new track, it had to be Rolling Stone that got the chance to showcase the brand new Rush track ‘Headlong Flight. However, I shall set aside my petty differences because this is a momentous occasion, the kings of prog have bestowed a gift and blessing upon us in the form of this insight into their upcoming album Clockwork Angels.

And while they never really stopped doing it, it would seem Rush are really intent on hammering in some huge grooves to these latest tracks, whilst still maintaining those trademarked memorable choruses and meandering song structures. It’s pretty redundant to mention the musical prowess of Peart, Lee and Lifeson at this point, but it’s a fair point to make that these guys are pulling this off better than many younger bands, even at the ripe average age of 60. ‘Headlong Flight‘ is one hell of a teaser for this record and would easily please any self-confessed fan of prog — come June 12th I know what I’ll be doing; rocking out to nerdy music made by nerds, for nerds.

– DL

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