Metal Injection have been running a documentary series of sorts with On The Record, having previously discussed things like big reunions and subgenres. The latest entry is something particularly important for us is their look at how the internet changed not only metal, but the music industry in general. It’s quite fascinating, and obviously it applies to this slice of web. Watch the video above.

Far be it from me to get a blogger circle jerk going and blow smoke up my own ass, but thanks to the internet, it allowed me a platform to talk about something none of my friends were interested in, as well as broadening my interests and develop as a music fan and as a writer. More and more people are talking about metal and spreading it around via the internet (just check the blogroll below for a starting point), and a ton of people are going to these sites for news and reviews. I feel spoiled because labels send me music to review (by many of the people featured in the above video!), and apparently enough people visit to allow the site to pay for itself through ads. I feel blessed to be a part of the metal machine, no matter how small.

Also, the internet allowed this to happen. Never forget!

– JR

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