Death metal supergroup Synesis Absorption is something to look out for. They have Robbert Kok of Disavowed on vocals, Milos Batocanin of Disdained on guitars/vocals, Steve DiGiorgio of every death metal band ever (notably Sadus and Death) on Bass, and Mike Smith of Suffocation on drums! If this lineup isn’t exciting to you (assuming you like death metal), I can’t fathom what is. Well, if you’re excited, they have a song titled ‘Forever Untouched‘, which I presume will be on their upcoming album. Here you go!


The song is a mixture of groovy death metal, fast drumming, inhuman vocals, and… a very prominent bass with a phaser effect on it? The bass sound might be off-putting to many at first because it’s so unconventional. After giving it some time to sink in, I actually dig it, and if anything will get relatively closed-minded death metal elitists to accept new ideas, it will be a supergroup like this, and I applaud Steve DiGiorgio for taking a bold step like this. Overall, it’s a very tight and heavy song, and I’m excited to hear more from these guys!

– NT


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