Make Me Famous

It’s Now Or Never

01. Blind Date 101
02. Make It Precious
03. It’s Now Or Never
04. Inception
05. This Song Is Blacker Than Black Metal
06. We Know It’s Real
07. In The Shadows Of You
08. Once You Killed a Cow, You Gotta Make a Burger
09. Stage On Fire
10. She Haunted Me
11. Ifyuocnaraedtihsmkaemeasnadwich
12. I Am a Traitor
13. Earth
14. Quit Sleeping! It’s Nothing But a Waste of Time

[Sumerian Records]

Sumerian Records are notorious for their attack-on-two-fronts line-up appealing to both the forward thinking and progressive crowd (The Tigris Roster) as well as Hot Topic scenesters and younger folk (The Euphrates Roster). This typically means that a Sumerian band is either incredibly popular or well received. There are cases where a band sits on the fence nicely but the contrast between the two factions — say The Faceless and Asking Alexandria, as an example — is staggering.

Today, we are here to talk about the Sumerians newcomers Make Me Famous, whose path was paved by scene giants Asking Alexandria. To summarize, Sumerian took notice in both the technical proficiency and fangirl appeal of Youtube superstar that goes by the monicker “above92” and signed his band. After countless covers ranging from Katy Perry to Protest the Hero, Denis Shaforostov has proven himself a capable and talented musician. Personally, I think he is really passionate and I totally respect him for it. Although I am usually against commercial success based on the partying lifestyle and overall generic music, I will award Make Me Famous (or at least Denis) a get out of jail free card because I now view his career as a celebration of his success. Besides, he will pay for all of that liquor consumption and partying eventually (right?).

Their debut on the other hand, it didn’t hold up. I have to say though, it isn’t as bad as you may think. I mean, I had the right expectation and I knew I was getting into a generic metalcore album the second I heard their debut song ‘Make it Precious‘ months ago and consequently, I’m not offended at all. The tracks on the album range from genuine and spot on metalcore to generic electronic drivel to radio friendly ballads. Tracks like ‘This song is Blacker than Black Metal!’ and ‘In the Shadows of You’ actually display some good song structure and proficient guitar work that give the songs some redeeming qualities. Other tracks like ‘She Hunted Me’ and ‘Inception’ (which features Tyler Carter of Woe, Is Me] also have some impressive vocal performances despite being extremely radio-friendly and generic. In fact, there is enough going on this album to make it evident that they are actually being held back from the potential enjoyability they are capable of.

Although there are shining moments on the album, I still wouldn’t recommend it in good faith.  The production is a carbon copy of Asking Alexandria’s and the vocal elements here sound very similar. The main difference between AA and MMF is that MMF have much more diversity in their music. Make Me Famous actually have a moment or two of some true inspiration. In the track ‘Ifyuocnaraedtihsmkaemeasnadwich’ there is actually a Ukranian-inspired electronic folk section, which was then a little surprising. Though, it seems this kind of creativity can’t go a second without directly transitioning into a terrible breakdown. It’s still welcome though; I will take electronic folk music over generic mediocrity any day.

By this point I probably sound a little conflicted, so let me try to straighten things up so you can ignore this album and get on with our day. I’m not going to say it is good. It isn’t. It’s Now or Never has the luxury of having some enjoyable parts, but it isn’t worth sifting through a near hour’s worth of material to find it. If you want you could go ahead and listen to ‘In the Shadow of You’ if you need a shred fix or ‘This song is Blacker Than Black Metal!’ if you are yearning for some decent metalcore, but beyond that you are better off listening to anything else. I won’t waste your time in talking about how this music is unnecessary and that these guys are throwing their talent away as long as you don’t waste your time listening to it. That is all I ask. Have a nice day.


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