Skip to 4 minutes in for the section on Goatwhore.

Breakfast At Sulimay’s is, by far, one of my favourite music review series on the internet, containing real people giving real opinions on real music — which is obviously just the nice way of saying ‘they play intentionally obtuse music to the older generation, just to film the reaction’. So, it’s not really surprising that extreme metal has reared it’s ugly head a fair few times, with the cast taking on tunes from Harvey Milk, Marduk and even The Black Dahlia Murder. But it’s the most recent effort from blackened death metallers Goatwhore that gets the latest Sulimay treatment with some interesting results, making my review a moot point. I’ve included all the aforementioned episodes after the jump.

[-via Exalted Necrosis from Shreddit]




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