I’m not entirely sure how many people are stoked about the upcoming release by one-man avant-garde black metal artist Otrebor, better known as Botanist. He released the absolutely spectacular double album I: The Suicide Tree/II: A Rose From the Dead in the middle of last year, and the damn thing was so good it was #5 on my top 21 list of last year.

Well, turns out fans won’t have to wait much longer to hear the new album!  MeadMeatMetal have premiered a track from the upcoming album III: Doom in Bloom, entitled ‘Quoth Azalea, the Demon (Rhododendoom II)‘.  The track marks a complete 180-degree turn in terms of sound.  He has switched from the black metal used in I/II to a type of doom.  The strange instrumentation remains (hammered dulcimer, drumset, vocals), but other than that, it’s almost a different band.

However, don’t let that stop you from listening if you were a fan of the last album.  It is the best song he has ever released.  The track is hauntingly emotional, brilliantly arranged, and sounds absolutely perfect in terms of production quality.  The track is also a touch over thirteen minutes long, which is a drastic change over the previous releases, where the longest track was in the five minute range.  Something that some people may love is that the vocals have changed drastically.  Gone are the croaky vocals, and in its place are reverberated whispered vocals that augment the track greatly.

I’m not sure when there will be a release date for the album, but you can bet your ass I’ll be all over it when it releases.

– GR

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